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Sexiest Man in Digital

Share Add to Google Buzz After, what seems like month’s of voting (because it did span over two months) to find the World’s Sexiest Digital Man 2010, you the people have cast your judgement and voted in a large majority for a clear winner.


Many, Many congratulation to Mr Ed Weatherall,co-founder of Concep (@EdWeatherall). Commiserations to Mr Peter Cashmore (@Mashable), who despite a number of years strutting around the industry with his sexiness, now has to pass his crown to Ed. Pete has been, as yet, unavailable to comment, but we do hope to hear from him soon. In the meantime, we have an artist’s impression of what Pete would say to Ed.

What we think Pete Would Say to Ed

The results were somewhat of a landslide; and don’t be fooled about any perceived bias. This was a totally independent poll, and all votes were cast by people who cared to click the buttons. Surprisingly, there were a significant amount of votes (not in the 1,000s, but certainly in the 1,00s) It worth highlighting, there was a lot of traffic referred from to the page. The split of the vote (that means the results) can be seen below.

We will be presenting a real trophy, yes one you can touch and feel, to Ed in the very near future. We need to confirm a date and time with him, and have a presentation ceremony type thing. However, in the meantime, here is another artist’s impression. This of Ed, looking very pleased with his trophy. We’ll add the real photos, once we have them here. (Please read our interview with Ed (below), prior to the final vote being cast.)

The Official World's Sexiest Digital Man 2010

Our Interview with Ed Weatherall (Prior to the Final results)

TT: So Ed, congratulations so far. Here comes the big one! If I may, I’d like to ask you a few questions just to get to know a bit more about the man behind the looks. Thanks for agreeing to this, by the way.
EW: No problem.
TT: So what are your “vital statistics”? Please give us anything you’d care to offer.
EW: I’m 30 years old, half Swedish, born In London – Yes actually born in London, I haven’t moved here from Surry, Hertfordshire, Australia or up north. Married with children, but I hope that doesn’t put the voters off.
TT: Wow! A genuine Cockney geezer. Do you often run down the apples and pairs on your plates of meat, down the frog and toad to the rub a dub dub?
EW: No.
TT: So how long have you been in the Digital industry?
EW: I Founded Concep in 2002 with Mark Power, who’s much uglier than me, as an email marketing agency. We saw the opportunity for email to be used for high value relationships rather than high volume communications, so we specialised in B2B and Professional Services. From there we have had some very clever people join us and evolved in to what we are today, a strategic B2B digital agency with offices in London, New York and Sydney.
TT: ZZZzzzz. Ooh sorry, most interesting. Sounds like email in B2B is a real shaker and mover. What’s your specific area of expertise?
EW: It’s my job and those within Concep to be up to date with all the latest trends and technology and translate them in to tools real companies can use. I think what I can really offer is the truth. I am a huge advocate of digital supporting face to face relationships, not replacing them. I’ve spent lots of time building solid business cases that align marketing and digital with company goals and tangible deliverables. In the digital world we all get a little carried away with terminology and stats that just don’t sit in the board room, I like to think of myself as a translator.
TT: As the “Translator” please could you repeat that in simple terms for me? Only joking, of course I understood every bloody word you said. I’m a social media guru. Anyway, away from all this business rubbish, who would be your ideal partner? And we do know you’re married, so play this how you see is best. 😉
EW: Well it has to be someone that isn’t offended easily and can see the funny and innocent side. I like dissidence and have a terrible affliction called foot in mouth, I never mean anything malicious in what I say, but it can often be taken the wrong way.
TT: So it’s not your wife then? Bloody hell I hope she doesn’t read this.
EW: I thought you meant business partner!!!
TT: Let’s move on. Apple or PC?
EW: Still a PC but Windows 7 wasn’t my idea.
TT: Ha ha ha…ha…ha….ha. We all know that was Steve Jobs’ idea back in 2006. And more importantly, what’s your most favourite thing about social media?
EW: That it’s fun, it allows you to connect with people on a true One 2 One basis and develop relationships that would otherwise be impossible. It makes the world a much smaller place and you can collaborate with like minded people all over the world. It has made things a lot more interesting as we now start conversations rather than just push out pretty images with persuasive messages.
TT: A bit like all those people flashing their bits on Yes, I understand. Of course I do. Did you know I’m a social media guru? Anyway, what you hate about social media?
EW: The way it has invented some really poncy job titles and makes people think we care about their opinion. There are a lot of self appointed “evangelists” and “influencers” who give opinion on things they actually know nothing about and unfortunately some people end up listening to them. The other worry I have about it is the distraction it can cause, I don’t want marketers losing their jobs because they have been investigating Social media a bit too long and forgotten that the CFO demands activities that affect the bottom line.
TT: Bloody hell, you’ve hit the nail firmly on the head there. That’s exactly the reason why I started this website. Would you be prepared to name names? No! Don’t answer that, we’ll save that for another day. What would it mean to you to become the world’s sexiest man in the digital industry, and beating Pete “Mashed Potato” Cashmore?
EW: It’s all a bit of a blur really, you guys found me and the next thing I know I’ve won. I’m a little worried I’m out of my depth, it feels like I have just won a beauty competition in the local scout hut with my mum casting the deciding vote, which has put me in the ring with digitals top model. If I won, wow.
TT: “Scout Hut”!! I’d like to think we’re akin to Wembley Stadium…but possibly on a day when we’re hosting a friendly between Leichenstein and Moldova. Anyway, I’m pleased it means so much. I really want you to win. Is there anyone you’d like to thank for getting this far?
EW: My lovely wife, my mum and all those that voted, especially @concepglobal, @AprimoUKI @scotmckee @ctfergie @VolumeGroup @taylorzoe @DaDataMonkey @Ellen_Carroll @krustywan @JoannaHKing who were all so vocal in the poll
TT: That’s good, you were certainly popular. Has your Twitter following increased because of this?
EW:I’d like to say yes but I have no idea, is there a way to see your followers timeline.
TT: I’ll take that as a massive “yes” then. You’ve not taken a look at Klout then? That’ll tell you. See! I told you I was a guru. And finally, are you a Twanker?
EW: Well looks like it.
TT: Excellent. So am I, and proud to be so. Thanks Ed. Fancy a fight?
EW: Refused to answer.

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  1. 21/06/2010 11:18 PM

    Well… This is either a complete fix or I’ve wasted my life setting up my Pete Cashmore Facebook shrine ( and Twitter (

    Either way… Perhaps I should stick to running social media surveys of my own!


  2. DaDataMonkey permalink
    08/03/2010 10:40 AM

    I think Ed may have a better prize in his hands right now – a wee baby! Congrats on both Ed!

    • twankers permalink*
      08/03/2010 10:46 AM

      Many congratulations on both fronts Ed. We’ll be in touch when you’ve settled in becoming a Daddy. We hope Mother and Baby are doing well.

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