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Our 5th Wave of Twanker-Likees….and we thought Twankers was all about cerebral social media discussion!

(next week we’ll have a theme….probably Dad’s Army or something. Please send us your Captain Mainwarings)

Law of physics and probability state that matter is .....oh it's far too complicated.

Have you ever seen such a bunch of great looking people?

Can you tell the difference? We can't!

Peas in a Pod! Category A to Z List Celebrities. Well done Everyone!

We’ve all heard of “look-a-likees” haven’t we; any old random person who looks like someone famous. Big bloody deal! Well, this is very different. Inspired by the lovely Zoe Taylor (@TaylorZoe) we have introduced “Twanker-Likees”. It’s a tiny bit like “Look-a-likee” except you need to be a Twanker and look like someone famous to qualify. i.e. You’ve used social media to talk about social media and you look a little bit like Paul Daniels (or something like that). Our first set of Twanker-Likees are below; some we’ve done, and some have been done by Zoe. Are you on there? Would you like to suggest a Twanker-Likee? If so, and we’re sure you do, please submit in the comments section or email us at (it’s clever that address isn’t it) and we’ll feature them, if they’re any good of course. So stitch up your fellow Twankers…it’d be rude not too.

Twankers or A List Celebrities? Can you tell the difference?



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