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Here are some videos, collated from various video sites which we thought were worth including. Maybe you’re in them? If so, let us know. Maybe some of us are in them? If so, we’re not telling. We’ll keep adding videos like this as we go. If you have any you’d like to share then please direct us to them. By the way, we will award a prize to anyone who is able to watch all of them to the end.

Twankernomics (or Twankonomics) – By us, here at Twankers

That Social Media Guru Cartoon

Will McInnes of Nixon McInnes – 2008 Predictions.

Richard Gregory – Latitude – Offering good advice. (You may need to verify your age before you watch, not sure why. It’s a PG at best.)

Andrew Girdwood – Bigmouthmedia – Again, sound advice on social media marketing.

Arjo Ghosh and we think The Hoff!? – iCrossing – Can you spot the Swine flu virus?
[ ?posts_id=936287&dest=-1]

Jon Silk – Lewis PR – We’re sure Noel Fielding would be delighted.

Tom Nixon – Nixon McInnes – In a street somewhere…

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  1. Andy permalink
    04/02/2010 8:15 PM

    • twankers permalink*
      04/02/2010 8:46 PM

      Andy.Priceless!!! No other word for it. Thanks for adding to Twankers.

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